// 060416 //: Meeting My Internet Friends

I N T E R N E T  F R I E N D S

I’ve been friends with this people virtually for almost a year and suddenly, we planned on meeting up. I’m never fond of meet-ups especially because I’m not around nor near Metro but it was quite flabbergasting that my mother allowed me to come! I mean, my parents/family are sets of those with strict house rules and policy so it freaked me out when my mom said “yes” when I asked her if I could come.

Well of course it wasn’t that easy, I kept on persuading her to think about it for days before I had her sweet “yes”. Before I could even get out of the house, she was constantly scolding me which is funny because I know she’s more nervous than I am. Why? First, I am going to commute all by myself all the way from Cavite to Manila. Second, I’m still a minor. Third, I’m not fond of commuting. Fourth, she has no idea nor does she know personally who I was meeting. Fifth, she was assuming it was a greasy guy I’m in a relationship with that I met on online dating sites (my mo sure knows a lot of stuff). Sixth, it was my first swimming occasion and surprisingly, with some strangers she has no idea that exist.


It was indeed fun! I never thought I’d be able to hug them like so because I was always restricted to get out of the house but look how far I got. Although I wasn’t really able to join them at their dinner, since it was too late and I had to go home already, it was sure an experience I would never forget.

Shout out to these wonderful people by the way! xo


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