Aloha, buddies!

It has been a while since I had the satisfaction and the right motivation to write and blog again! It feels nice to be back and be fully renovated. Just a disclaimer, English isn’t my first language so if ever I get grammatically incorrect, please do correct me! I am still in a writer’s block crisis so I couldn’t easily express my thoughts in words and writings so I hope you guys bare with me for it feels like I’m newly born again when in fact I have been blogging for years.

A lot has happened with my life and I sure will schedule a blog about it around this week as long as I make sure my schedule is clear and free just exact for me to spend my time blogging non-stop.

This is it for today, everyone. I got to get back to studying for tomorrow’s quiz in Filipino. I hope you guys like my past blogs and hope you all anticipate for more! xo


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