// Review on Careline’s Pocket Eyeshadow Palette //


cpp.jpgHello, buddies! Today I’ll be writing a review on Careline’s Pocket Eyeshadow Palettes!

Of course we all look at the price first unless we are desperate for a product and are willing to splurge. The price of this palette was utterly amusing for it is cheap! I have bought this at Puregold’s cosmetics area at the price of 85 pesos. Can you believe that? Each palette costs 85 PESOS ONLY. Yes, you heard that right. I believe that there are three palettes in this edition. I only bought two of them because the stocks for the left one was all broken. I never liked how Puregold stores their displayed cosmetics. I’m sorry to say but it is somehow disgusting.

I bought the shades Festival and Midnight Magic. The packaging of these palettes are really cute. It has this blue black faux leather with random engraved snake-like pattern. It also came up with this instruction slipped right on its flap. It showed what look and how you could play on with the colors on this palette. Over all, it doesn’t look like an 85 pesos worth palette. I really like the packaging. I think packaging are one of the factors that attracts me to buy a product. 10/10 for the packaging.

Now unto the product itself. For 85 pesos, you get 15 shades of eyeshadows. None of these shades were matte, all were shimmery and are full of glitter. The packing on with the product was fine, the glitter was well packed and bright. Sadly, the pigmentation isn’t that strong. These eyeshadows are really glittery, they aren’t that pigmented so it is needed to really pack on a few times to get that color that it looks like whilst packed. These eyeshadows weren’t chalky at all! In fact they were a bit creamy. Some of the shades are great as an alternative for higlighters which is quite forgiving of its price. For 85 pesos, you get an eyeshadow and a highlighter. 8/10 for the product. 8 because first off, I’m not that a fan of glittery eyeshadows. Second, the pigmentation was quite disappointing but  for its price, it’s acceptable. Over all, it’s a nice product. I could actually suggest this product to those people who are starting out on how to put on eyeshadows. I highly recommend the shade Midnight Magic for the newbies for it has neutral sahdes on it. As for those who loves to wear crazy colored eyeshadows, I recommend the shade Festival. The name already speaks for itself. It has these not so crazy but really strong colors that aren’t that advisable for those who’s still starting to learn the art of putting on eyeshadow.

A closer look on the eyeshadows. The left ones is Festival while the right one is Midnight Magic. The Festival palette consists of pinks, purples and greens. The Midnight palette consists of soft purples, blues and blacks or neutrals.


These are the one swipe swatches I’ve done on a piece of paper. The left ones are from the palette “Festival” while the right ones are from the palette “Midnight Magic”.


Sorry if I lacked on this whole review of this product. i still have a ton of things to do for school so I was quite a bit running out of time to tackle complex reviews on it. But still, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this review! What do you say? Would you buy it or trash it? Comment down below and let me know about what you think of this product! I might do an eyeshadow look using these palettes this coming days. Hope you all anticipate, thank you for reading, ’til next time! xo




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