// Battle of The Red Lippies: COVERGIRL VS Maybelline //

Aloha, buddies!

Today we all will know who is the reddest of the two! Are you all ready?

In today’s battle, we will be having two opponents. One is COVERGIRL’s and one is Maybelline’s.

On the left side is COVERGIRL’s Lip perfection Lipstick in the shade 307 Seduce. I believe it costs 450-500 pesos each. The availability of this product is rare because COVERGIRl has limited branches and outlets in the country.

On the right side we have Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lasting 645 Red Revival. I belive this one costs 250-300 pesos each which obviously is cheaper than the other. These lipsticks are available on Maybelline branches and outlets, including those in Watsons, etc. nationwide. Which again, beats the availability of COVERGIRL’s.

As for the packaging, the COVERGIRL lipstick has this hard plastic cap that is mettalic purple in color and the inside of it is a mauvey-rose colored plastic. The bottom of the tube has this usual color swatch glass and has its number and shade stamped on it. As for the tube itself, it is the same color as the cap: metallic purple. The whole tube is in a box shape but has curved edges. For Maybelline’s lipstick, it has the same hard plastic cap but is slightly transparent compared to COVERGIRL’s solid colored cap. It is tinted according to its shade and has this hard plastic, silver-colored body that makes it look like it’s metal. For the bottom, it has a sticker that is colored the same as its shade and has its number and shade printed to it. The whole tube is box in shape but is slightly bulky and has sharp edges. The body of COVERGIRL’s lipstick is thicker than Maybelline’s.

Here is a two-swipe swatch for everyone to see the pigmentation each lipstick has. It is clear that the Maybelline’s shade was slightly darker than the COVERGIRL’s.

A swatch and a lip transfer. The con about COVERGIRL’s lipstick is that it doesn’t transfer as much as the Maybelline’s. As for the smudging, both lipstick smudges badly without a lipliner so there’s a fat chance that it’ll bleed throughout the whole day of wear. Both has a creamy finish, a satin maybe. But one thing is for sure, both are not matte in finish. Both lipsticks are moisturizing on the lips but I felt that the Maybelline’s formula was lighter than COVERGIRL’s. COVERGIRL’s formula was a bit greasy in my opinion. The fastest to set was the COVERGIRL’s.

Now unto the main question… “who is the reddest of the two?”

/adds in drum rolls/

The left one is the COVERGIRL’s and the right one is Maybelline’s. This was quite surprising because I never thought that Maybelline’s would be a more red of color than the other. It is clearly seen that the COVERGIRL’s has this pink touch to it while the Maybelline has this blue red shade. Over all, the shade 307 Seduce of COVERGIRl has a rosey pink undertone while the 645 Red Revival of Maybelline’s has a solid and rich red color with blue undertone. Both are great for morena beauties!



Hello everyone! I just want to say thank you to those people who aren’t tired of supporting me endlessly in this road of blogging. In less than a day, my statistics went booming and I can’t help but feel really thankful to all those people behind that milestone. I love you all and I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. I would love to read some feedbacks and thoughts from you guys so it’d be my pleasure to have you commenting on this blog. ‘Til next time, buddies! xo



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