// Lazy Day Outfit Idea //


We’ve all been there and sometimes, it becomes a constant matter: lazy days. Maybe a lot of people thinks that fashion bloggers are people who can never detach themselves with make-up and fashion but really, we also have those days when we feel like not putting much effort on our make-up and clothes. As for me, whenever I have those days, I love putting on some jeans with the same tone as my top. As you can see on the picture, my top is in the shade of dark to navy blue whilst my jeans are in a cool tone that matches my top. As for the shoes, I always love wearing rubber shoes that doesn’t even match my whole outfit. And yes, you guessed it of course, pink! I don’t think this is a weird thing because most fashion bloggers love mixing and matching, too. Although I have been into a minimalist wardrobe lately, the inner weirdo inside me just tend to scream “color!”.

Over all I can say that the least you can do during lazy days are put on some top you rarely use or ones that’s your favorite, some jeans that matches it well and some rubber shoes that could either be matchy-matchy or does not even match at all! Just like my top says, “feel free”. Be you, be beautiful and no matter how much a day is lazy, you can still be pretty on your own little ways! Extra: don’t forget the red lipstick!

Top: Oxygen(?),  Jeans: SM Department Store (Plus Size), Shoes: Fila, Lipstick: Nichido Matte Lipstick in the shade Temptation. 


2 thoughts on “// Lazy Day Outfit Idea //

  1. Unicorn says:

    Wala bang “Feel badass” Pero anong mga ibang brand pa ng mga jeans ang magaganda? Katulad ng ripped-jeans, worn-out jeans? Thank you!


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