// Rainy Day Outfit Ideas //

Hello, buddies! Today, I’m going to share some outfit ideas you all could try out this coming rainy days. As I have mentioned before, I am into a minimalist wardrobe which explains why most of my clothes are a combination  of black and white. Include the grays, too!


In this outfit, I wore this gray spaghetti strap and topped it off with a varsity jacket in a combination of black and white with orange sleeves! Again, one of my crazy habits, putting on crazy colors. For my bottoms, I wore this black and white abstract-like leggings and paired it up with this space gray sneaker wedges. To finish up the look, I decided to sling on this black and gray shoulder bag.

Spaghetti Strap, (I forgot where I bought it). Varisty Jacket, Le Froge. Shoulder Bag, Louis Vuitton. Leggings, thrifted. Shoes, S&H.


Now in this look, I became a bit experimental with my pieces. I wore this over-sized, thick, gray sweater and for the bottom, I wore this black pencil skirt and finished it with this strappy black wedges. I wanted it to be more sophisticated looking s I decided to put on some accent which specifically is the red, leather tote bag.

Sweater, Delta Pro-Weight. Pencil skirt, thrifted. Strappy black wedges, Montego Bay Club. Leather tote bag, Jovanni.

And that is it for today! I hope you all enjoyed this mini look book. I am looking forward to making more look books in these coming days and I hope you all anticipate for it! Thank you so much! I love you all! Feel free to comment you thoughts and suggestion. ‘Til next time! xo


Special thanks to my beautiful cousin who gathered up all the patience she has to take good pictures of me for this blog post. Ily!



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