// Monthly Make-Up Favorites: July //

Hello, everyone! Today i’m going to be showing you my monthly make-up favorites for this July!


First let’s start with the face cosmetics:


iWhite Korea’s Whitening Vita Aqua moisturizer, PhP 175.00

I have tried a lot of moisturizers even before I had this one. And I must say, this is one of the best moisturizers I have owned! The packaging of this product is a metallic blue ombre and carries 50ml of product. It is indicated that iWhite Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturizer is a unique water-based moisturizer that deeply hydrates skin with its natural and non-greasy formula. It leaves a cool, oil-free and refreshing feeling on the skin after application. This is one of the most promising moisturizers I have tried and I sure am loving it. It also contains natural active ingredients that help prevent premature aging, protects skin from cellular damage, hydrate and maintain firmness of skin. The fun fact about this product is that it is refined by Bio-Nanotechnology which gives ingredients increased potency in order to effectively take care of the skin. I have been using this for quite a while now and I’m in love with its non-greasy formula and of course, the cooling effect! The active ingredients that this product is composed of are: Mulberry Root Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, and Green Tea Leaf Extract. As for its smell, it smells really refreshing unlike other moisturizers with strong smells, this one falls into those with light ones! This product is available in Watsons and Mercury Drugs and I beli-eve iWhite Korea sells these in sachets for testing, too! Which I also believe costs around  pesos each! I highly recommend this product! 10/10. 


Allue’s My First Hypoallergenic Pressed Powder with Sunscreen in the shade Honey Beige,         Php 100.00-120.00

The packaging of this product is a paper based, pull-up kind-of compact. The good thing about this product is that it comes with a mirror attached on the other half of the compact. This weighs 8.5g. The coverage of this pressed powder is light to medium. The shade Honey Beige is a shade lighter than my skintone but what I loved about this product is that it blends well and doesn’t cake that much than most pressed powder does. It doesn’t crease as for me, it’s really light on the skin and it sometimes feel like I have nothing on my face. This product may have said to have sun screen but it is clearly not advisable for long-wear under the sun even if it contains sunscreen. This product is available on HBC Outlets nationwide and I believe that this product has two shades. If you are not much of a fan of full coverage foundations or foundation in general, I suggest you try this! 8/10.


Max Factor’s Flawless Perfection Blush in the shade 225 Mulberry, Php 866.00

I have been using this blush for some time now and my love for it is endless. This shade is a combination of a pink and a coral tone which is a perfect shade for morena skin tones! The packaging of this product is the usual hard plastic case which is transparent in the front and a shade of blue in the back. This product weigh 5.5g. I don’t know if it’s just for this shade but this is one of those sheer kind of blushes. The fact that this one is shimmery, I love using this as a highlight and a blush in one! The color is buildable so you have to be quite careful when packing it on because it can turn out badly if applied harshly. This is great for everyday use. For those sheer blushers, you should definitely try this out for this does not give a flush you love but also a glow that is dazzling! 10/10.


Revlon’s ColorStay 16-Hour Quads in the shade 515 Adventurous, Php 550.00

This has got to be my favorite eyeshadow palette of all times! I have been using this sice forever and I can’t get this out of my make-up vanity. The packaging of this product is the usual hard plastic with black borders and transparent ones in the center and whole black in the back. This weigh 4.8g. The shades for this palette are more on neutral tones, there’s a shimmery white gold, shimmery olive, shimmery bronze and matte chocolate brown. This can be used to create day to midnight make-up looks which I really like. As for its pigments, it is really pigmented, there are tons of ways to use each shade that cmes up with this palette which I tend to fall in love with because of its complexity. Whenever I go out with my best friend, she never misses this on action inside my make-up kit. For those who’s heart is with neutral tones, I highly recommend this product!!! 11/10.


Urban Decay’s Naked 1 Palette, Php 5,000.00-6,500.00

This one’s a bit pricey but is worth the splurge! There are tons of beautiful shades variety and again, all falls in the neutral tones. These shades are complex, too. The lightest can be used as a highlight while the combination of browns can be used for contour. The packaging of this product is unique. It has this velvety-smooth feel and is the paper type unlike hard cases that Urban Decay often has for their palettes. Each shade weigh 1.3g so = 12 x 1.3g. I recommend this to people who loves splurging for quality make-up. 9/10.


Revlon’s PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara, Php 750.00

Probably my favorite mascara after Maybelline’s! The packaging for this product is a matte black body and a silver hard plastic cap. This contains 0.34Fl.Oz of product. this makes my lashes look amazing even without curling it but the thing that I hate about this is that it smears, smudges and bleeds throughout the day and this because it isn’t a waterproof type of mascara. I hope Revlon releases the same product but with a waterproof formula ’cause I’ll definitely splurge for it! To those people who loves volumized eyelashes, i highly recommend this but make sure you watch out for time to time smudging! 9/10.


Etude House’ Styling Eye Liner, Php 128.00

As for this product’s packaging, it’s all black and one of those retractable kind of eyeliner, it hold 0.2g of product. This is great for tightlining for a more natural no makeup make-up look. I use this a lot whenever I have to go outside and at least try to make myself look quite presentable. This is really pigmented, one swatch and you’re ready! To those people who loves keeping it natural and not to wing-y, I recommend you this. This is grat for down wings and tightlines. 9/10.


Revlon’s ColorStay ultimate Liquid Lipstick in the shade 055 Grand Garnet,  Php 820.00

The packaging for this product is a thick, transparent hard plastic with a black, transparent coated cap. This liquid lipstick is not a finish of matte but a satin rather. This is a blue-red based red liquid lipstick with small glitters visible. This holds 3ml of product and has the sponge-tip applicator which I like. I recommend this to those people who likes liquid formulated lipsticks. 10/10.


Tony Moly’s Delight Tony Tint in the shade 02 Red, Php 198.00

The packaging of this product is a transparent hard plastic with a black heart shaped cap. This holds 9ml of product. This has got to be one of my make-up staples in life because personally, I have really pale lips so I always have my lip tint with me and this includes the collection! This is light, non-greasy, can be used for the cheeks and lips but the thing is, it can get quite patchy when packed thickly. This one is really pigmented so it’s quite hard to work with the color and should be blended in an instant because it stains utterly fast. To those lip tint lovers, I suggest you add this to your collection! 9/10.


VMV Hypoallergenic’s Lip Gloss in the shade Miami, Php 1,075.00

The packaging for this product is a transparent hard plastic body and a metallic black cap. I really am not sure of how much product this holds. This is probably one of the most amazing lip glosses I’ve tried. I never liked lip glosses in general but this one amazed me. It isn’t greasy nor heavy on the lips. I love how it looks when topped on a nice shade of lipstick for it blends in with the color nicely. Although I can’t say that I will be wearing this product on my lips alone because this is too light for my skin tone which makes me look so washed out which is why I prefer topping it on with some lipstick. For those lip gloss enthusiasts, this is a must-have, indeed! 10/10.


Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lasting Lipstick in the shade 645 Red Revival, Php 450.00-500.00

If you have been exploring this blog for some quite time, you might be fond of this product. I already made a review of this product and also a duel together with COVERGIRL’s lipstick. Link: https://allureinalldimensions.wordpress.com/2016/07/13/battle-of-the-red-lippies-covergirl-vs-maybelline/

That’s all for today, buddies! This took me hours to finish so I hope you guys appreciate this blog. I am near at reaching a thousand views so I am really thankful of that. I love you all so much and I hope you enjoyed today’s blog. ‘Til next time! xo


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