// Meet Brian & Lance //

How about some goodies for the masculines? Meet my models, Brian & Lance.

Disclaimer: I don’t know why the pictures are low quality, I’ve been trying to fix them but… sighs. It’s a waste to throw these out especially that I’ve had fun while shooting them. Maybe a better content with them will be published soon.



Shout out to these two and my pretty cousin who took these shots! Thank you so much. xo




I look silly with my pajamas on but who cares, aight? I hope you guys still liked this blog post. It feels new to post something for men but I’ll get used to it eventually with of course, the love and support these two gives. ‘Til next time! xo



// Into The Blues //

Lately, I have noticed that I was unconsciously getting into blue shades. I’m not sure whether it was how it calmed my mind just by looking at it or maybe because I loved the way it complimented my skin color and how it lifted my aura. So I then decided to at least give out a fashion inspiration by experimenting with the color! It has been quite a while since I’ve posted a blog post and I wanted to apologize for that, I couldn’t make time recently because my schedule was a bit hectic and of course, priorities first.

How did I go?


I wore this plaid navy blue crop top that I got from SM Dept. Store int the Plus Size section and decided to partner it up with my dark denim blue, high-waist skinny jeans from Forever 21 and finished the look with some comfortable yet fashionable sneakers from Adidas. Of course, for more detail and edge, I decided to sling on my small, dark brown, leather canvas backpack which was handed down to me by a close friend.


I hope you guys liked this blog! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts about the look for it’s mean so much to me. Great news: I reached a thousand views! I wanted to thank each and single one of you out there who never got worn out of supporting me. Y’all mean so much to me, thank you and I love you! ‘Til next time! xo

// Rainy Day Outfit Ideas //

Hello, buddies! Today, I’m going to share some outfit ideas you all could try out this coming rainy days. As I have mentioned before, I am into a minimalist wardrobe which explains why most of my clothes are a combination  of black and white. Include the grays, too!


In this outfit, I wore this gray spaghetti strap and topped it off with a varsity jacket in a combination of black and white with orange sleeves! Again, one of my crazy habits, putting on crazy colors. For my bottoms, I wore this black and white abstract-like leggings and paired it up with this space gray sneaker wedges. To finish up the look, I decided to sling on this black and gray shoulder bag.

Spaghetti Strap, (I forgot where I bought it). Varisty Jacket, Le Froge. Shoulder Bag, Louis Vuitton. Leggings, thrifted. Shoes, S&H.


Now in this look, I became a bit experimental with my pieces. I wore this over-sized, thick, gray sweater and for the bottom, I wore this black pencil skirt and finished it with this strappy black wedges. I wanted it to be more sophisticated looking s I decided to put on some accent which specifically is the red, leather tote bag.

Sweater, Delta Pro-Weight. Pencil skirt, thrifted. Strappy black wedges, Montego Bay Club. Leather tote bag, Jovanni.

And that is it for today! I hope you all enjoyed this mini look book. I am looking forward to making more look books in these coming days and I hope you all anticipate for it! Thank you so much! I love you all! Feel free to comment you thoughts and suggestion. ‘Til next time! xo


Special thanks to my beautiful cousin who gathered up all the patience she has to take good pictures of me for this blog post. Ily!


// Lazy Day Outfit Idea //


We’ve all been there and sometimes, it becomes a constant matter: lazy days. Maybe a lot of people thinks that fashion bloggers are people who can never detach themselves with make-up and fashion but really, we also have those days when we feel like not putting much effort on our make-up and clothes. As for me, whenever I have those days, I love putting on some jeans with the same tone as my top. As you can see on the picture, my top is in the shade of dark to navy blue whilst my jeans are in a cool tone that matches my top. As for the shoes, I always love wearing rubber shoes that doesn’t even match my whole outfit. And yes, you guessed it of course, pink! I don’t think this is a weird thing because most fashion bloggers love mixing and matching, too. Although I have been into a minimalist wardrobe lately, the inner weirdo inside me just tend to scream “color!”.

Over all I can say that the least you can do during lazy days are put on some top you rarely use or ones that’s your favorite, some jeans that matches it well and some rubber shoes that could either be matchy-matchy or does not even match at all! Just like my top says, “feel free”. Be you, be beautiful and no matter how much a day is lazy, you can still be pretty on your own little ways! Extra: don’t forget the red lipstick!

Top: Oxygen(?),  Jeans: SM Department Store (Plus Size), Shoes: Fila, Lipstick: Nichido Matte Lipstick in the shade Temptation. 

// #AskManilyn [TAGLISH] //

Hello, buddies! I have been contemplating for hours on whether to blog about my Monthly Favorites or not but since I got extremely lazy, i decided to do a Q&A kind-of blog where you all can ask me about fashion, make-up, love, life, etc! I have posted in my SNS and I will be answering those questions you all have for me.

Disclaimer: Magiging Taglish po ang blog na ito dahil halos lahat ng katanungang isinumite niyo ay nasa Tagalog.

Another disclaimer: Hindi po ako expert, ang mga sagot ko po ay base sa mga nalalaman ko, ang kaya ng aking utak at panguunawa at mga karanasang napagdaanan ko na.

  1. qnaqna

Paano nga ba mawala ang pimples? pimples are one of the most common problems with the face and if not treated immediately, it could lead to acne.

Una sa lahat, ang pimples ay maaaring bunga ng dirt and oil o hindi naman kaya’y kapag nag-cclog ang oil sa pores, specifically, sebum.

To remove pimples, try using a turmeric mask. I have read a lot of good things about turmeric masks. You can search on how to do a turmeric mask yourself in the internet. Try using salicylic acid, too! I knew for a fact that most dermatologists recommend this to people who has problems with pimples/acne. try out some products with retinol or retinol itself and a bit of benzoyl peroxide. Kung keri naman magpa-derma, go for steriod injections kapag hindi naman, try aspirin masks. Kapag ang pimple naman ay masyadong mapula or nagsswell, pwede ring lagyan ng yelo ito para humupa ang umbok at mawala ang pagkaka-pula.

Syempre, kapag nag-tiis ganda/gwapo ka at nawala na ang mga pimples mo, kailangan mo na itong alagaan. Mga dapat tandaan para hindi tubuan ng pimples:

  1. Maghugas ng mukha. twice daily or as needed. Note: ‘Wag masyadong icareer ang paghuhugas ng mukha dahil masama ito sa pores.
  2. Use toners that matches your face. Kapag oily ka, use those with alcohol, kapag dry naman, avoid using those with alcohol.
  4. ‘Wag hahayaang mapunta ang buhok sa mukha, lalo na kapag oily ito.
  5. Use blotting sheets to remove excess oil and dirt.


Bakit nga ba? Mahirap sagutin ang tanong na ‘yan dahil napaka-complex ng tanong na ‘yan. Pero ang masasabi ko, madaming plastic dahil maraming taong hindi kayang magtiwala sa sarili nila kaya nama’y nangangailangan sila gumamit o manggamit ng ibang tao para maisip nilang higit sila sa ibang tao which is wrong dahil una, mali ang agpapaka-superior at pangalawa, pantay-pantay lang tayong lahat. Madaming plastic na tao dahil hindi nila kayang pagandahin pa o ayusin man lang ang ugali nila kaya nama’y sila na mismo ang gagawa ng ikasisira ng taong malinis pala talaga ang kunsensya.

3. qna

Kapag mabilis at masyadong nagswsweat ang mukha, kailangan lagi kang may handkerchief na dala. Isa rin ‘to sa mga problema ko kaya nama’y fond ako sa acne or break-outs. I suggest na buimli ka ng oil blotting sheets or better, try moisturizers or cosmetics that contains alcohol or witch hazel.

4. qna

Ang mga dapat gamitin para mabawasan o matanggal ang pagiging oily:

  • Maghugas ng mukha araw-araw.
  • Stick to toners, moisturizers and other face products that contains alcohol.
  • Use blotting sheets.
  • Don’t let your hair gets to your face especially kung oily ang hair mo.
  • Use egg masks.
  • Drink lots and lots of water. Stay hydrated.
  • Use moisturizers that helps hydrate skin.

5. qna

First off, I am not a professional with writing poems but all I can say is that the most important key to poem writing is the passion. Motivate yourself, be passionate, on’t be afraid to go to the danger zone which specifically means to step out your comfort zone, be comfortable with your own way of writing whether it can be literal or imaginative. Be creative with words to use, know how to strike your readers’ feelings. Express what your heart fully desires. Be you, be your own poetry; and that’s what makes it beautiful.

6. qna

To erase the redness sa gilid ng ilong or other red-colored blemishes, use color correctors. To achive a glowy look, use highlighters or dewy-finish foundations. As for the BB creams, I know two brands that create BB creams suited for oil skins, one is Mabelline and one is Estee Lauder. But for your concern which is redness, I must say that you need CC/Color Corrector more than BB creams. The best CC creams for oily skins are Clinique, Olay, LO’Real and Chanel.

7. qna

Ang magagandang home remedies na pwedeng gamitin para iwas tigyawat ay iyong Orange Peel Mask, para naman sa oily skin at pati sa pimples, Egg Mask at iyong sa white and black heads ay honey. Ilalagay mo lang ang honey sa parteng may black heads o white heads at ibabad ito ng ilang minuto, pagkatapos ay huhugasan mo ito gamit ang hindi mainit at hini=di rin malamig na tubig. Maganda rin gumamit ng turmeric mask. Wonder mask ‘yun para sa karamihan.

8. qna

To start out a conversation, kailangan alam mo kung ano bang gusto mong pagusapan. Kundi, maaring maweirdohan o maging awkward ang atmosphere niyo. Relax lang! Don’t be too hard on yourself, if you cannot gather enough confidence to make a conversation, try to make your opponent to start the conversation instead! But most likely, it would be better if it starts with you, if you really want to talk to a person, go! If he/she doesn’t want to talk to you after your aim, aba, bid your goodbye and forget about what happened no matter how embarrassing it was. Always remember that there’s no harm in trying, at the end of the day, at least you tried.


And that is all for today’s Q&A! Thank you to those people mentioned above for participating and baring with my laziness. i suppose I have to upload a look book for you guys tomorrow! I am near at 600 views and in less than a week, you guys have helped me to reach this dream! You are all superb. ❤ Thank you so much and I love you all! I hope you guys liked today’s blog. ‘Til next time! xo